Evelyn’s mother said it best in her toast to her daughter and new son, “We are grateful for everyone who has come and for all those who have traveled so far...there is a small world here...”. Evelyn and Giuseppe had family and friends that flew in from: Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, and Armenia to witness their wedding. When a Russian and Italian family comes together you get one big celebration!
Evelyn and Giuseppe chose Saddle Rock Ranch for their wedding because the vineyard and rolling hills reminded them of the Tuscan countryside. They wanted their party to feel like a Midsummer Nights Dream and designed all of their details and furniture to create an atmosphere for their guests that felt like being out in a country home.
Their Dinner consisted of all the things they like to make, and even served their favorite cheese from their favorite manufacturer. The bride’s sister, Lena, designed little olive oil party favors with the bride and groom’s names on them, as well as signage around the grounds. But one of my favorite things was that Evelyn designed her own dress, and it was absolutely beautiful. Evelyn gave the vision of her dress to her graphic designer sister, Lena, who then drew up a rendering of the dress. They then took a “skeleton” dress they purchased from David’s Bridal to a seamstress who put together Evelyn’s custom lace top, sleeves and buttons. Even her veil was custom made.

For the film I wanted to not only create something that would capture the essence of this countryside wedding, but also give an international feel.

Hope you enjoy their story.

Music by: Stella Stagecoach, licensed through Withetiquette.com and Andrew Belle through The Music Bed