Today we proudly introduce the newest additions to the Forrey Films team!

DAVID - CINEMATOGRAPHER - David and I have known each other since the age of four. Since we met we have always stayed close friends. David is also a talented Ceramicist. That’s Scientist of all things ceramic! Okay, so maybe he isn’t a scientist but he sure knows his way around the pottery wheel. Get it? Around the pottery wheel!? haha...I digress, check out some of his pottery at Ridgway Pottery when you get a chance. 

MARK - CINEMATOGRAPHER, PHOTOGRAPHER, and TECHNOLOGY GURU - Not only is Mark the newest addition to the Forrey Films Cinematography team, he also comes with a wealth of tech knowledge and photography skills. I mean it’s stupid how smart he is. What?
Mark and David are great additions to the team!   With our powers combined, we have taken the first part of each of our names and put them together to create a new name for our studio! Introducing MatMarDav Productions! Ehhhh, maybe we’ll just stick with Forrey Films. :)