Don't Write Me Off Featurette

Muli bwanji! 

(How's it going!)

It's been a busy spring for us and we are excited to share some recent work with you.  Today we're kicking off the summer (and it's a hot summer, about 107 degrees!) with a post about an organization that we partner with: The Chisomo Idea.  The Chisomo Idea is a global grassroots movement that connects the young and young at heart to issues of poverty in Africa and provides them with a framework for action.  Currently, The Chisomo Idea is challenging volunteers outside of Malawi to participate in a project called Vision 60/60, where a soccer academy, multi-purpose center, and staff duplex will finally be built in Chinsapo, Malawi to support the youth there.

A couple years ago, Matt traveled to Africa to capture the story of a very special young man named Humphrey, who lives in Chinsapo.  A Forrey Films documentary about Humphrey and the Theatre of Dreams soccer program, called Don't Write Me Off, is now available at The Chisomo Idea Store.  Recently, the founder of The Chisomo Idea, our good friend Noel Musicha, asked us to edit a short feature of the documentary to show at various events.  Perhaps this video will inspire you to check out what it's all about!