Hello Ladies and Chaps,

Hope everyone is finding their summer to be relaxing and fun. I just had myself a birthday a little over a week ago. Yup I’m getting older - aren’t we all. It’s crazy how fast life soars by. When studying storytelling I learned that life breaks down into 4 general cornerstones: birth, marriage, having children, and the last one which shall not be named because it’s sad and this is supposed to be a happy blog. The point is life is a beautiful gift and you only live it once. And it goes by so fast! haha. I’ve already reached two of those milestones, and now I’m looking forward to having children one day and leaving a legacy behind for them.  One of the reasons I love storytelling is that you get to capture people and the journeys they’ve traveled, and share that with the world. Perfectly expressing the essence of someone’s story or who they are and what they’re about is impossible. But let me tell you, it is so much fun to strive for. I love capturing weddings because it is such an important time in your life and being able to provide an expression of that day through film to all my clients is so rewarding. My hope for all of the couples that I work with is that no matter how fast the wedding flies by, you can go back and re-live it through a creative documentary that captures the essence that was your wedding. 

With that said, let go back and re-live Sarah and Nick’s wedding. They got married at the uniquely beautiful urban garden known as the The Marvimon House in L.A.  Sarah and Nick were a blast to work with and are so much in love.  And it was so touching to see how emotional Sarah and her family were that day, absolutely priceless. Sarah and Nick are also big music connoisseurs. In fact the song used for their video was requested by Sarah, because the style and mood of the song drove a lot of her inspiration in the planning process.  Grab your tissues, sit back and enjoy.

Music: "Love Is The Future" by Bradford Nyght. Licensed through The Music Bed

If you'd like to see more check out their beautiful photos from our awesome friends at Brit Rene Photo.