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Today we would like to share with you a wedding where awesome people and amazing views weren’t in short supply. Morgan and Alex had their ceremony on Coronado Island at Centennial Park. If you’re not familiar, it has a vantage point of downtown that is very popular for capturing images of the skyline. If that’s not enough, check out the view from their reception venue called the Skybox. Pretty amazing views of Petco Park and downtown as well. A ridiculously great view! 

Morgan and Alex were a pleasure to be around - so easy going, adaptive, and flat out excited to tie the knot. We presented their film towards the end of the night and it was really rewarding to see the crowd enjoy it as much as they did. Funny note - the groom came up to me after we showed the film and told me how great the footage during the portrait session came out, and that while we were capturing those shots he thought to himself, “Matt sure is making us act silly.”  LOL What, isn’t it perfectly normal to laugh at random objects like trees? haha. Basically, we just try to have as much fun with our clients as possible so that we can not only capture natural smiles, but also so that they’ll have fun working with us too. We have found that the best way to capture great emotion that translates well on film is too simply have fun and not be afraid to act a little silly. Thanks Morgan and Alex for having fun with us and goofing around from time to time. We had so much fun with you guys!


Music is by Trent Dabbs and licensed through Music Bed