Lindsay & Daniel's Legacy Film

Introducing the Legacy Film: Forrey Films re-invents the wedding film! Well, maybe not quite re-invent, but certainly enhance the way we personally tell people’s wedding stories. We think the ultimate wedding film should reflect who you are as individuals and how you came together as a couple. Plus, we want you to share the journey that brought you to one of the most joyous and meaningful occasions of your life - your wedding! We strive to do this in all of our wedding films through the stories told through toasts as well as the ceremony. However, we wanted to take that to the next level and offer a service that goes beyond what we can capture on the wedding day. With the Legacy Film, we will make a cinematic documentary about your life as a couple. Around your wedding, the Forrey Films camera crew will spend a day with you - the bride and groom - to capture how you came together and fell in love.  Then we combine that story with footage we gather on the wedding day, ultimately with the goal of telling a complete story.

In the spirit of Veterans’ Day we present to you a story of Daniel, a soldier in active duty overseas, and how he came to meet the love of his life, Lindsay. Lindsay and Daniel got married at the beautiful Temecula Creek Inn earlier this year, and this is their story of patience, trust, and deep love for one another and God.  And - thanks to all the Veterans and those serving in our military!

All music was licensed through The Music Bed.