Liz + Jason's L.A. Wedding

Hi Friends!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend, and if you’re having a case of the Monday’s perhaps our video today will brighten up your evening. My wife and I celebrated Easter with friends and family at the park, playing football, eating delicious food, and then going to an evening church service. It was mucho fun and great weather. I also got to film a wedding this weekend and that brings us to this week’s feature. Our couple, Liz and Jason, had the ceremony at their church in Los Angeles which had around 600 guests attending. It was the largest attendance I have ever seen at a wedding and I thought it was so cool to witness that many people coming out to celebrate Liz and Jason. The reception was at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in downtown right next to Disney Hall.  I loved that they served boba tea and Beard Pappa cream puffs. The cream puffs were super yum... One of our cinematographers, Mark, said it best, “it’s like eating a cloud of deliciousness.”
Special thanks to David and Mark for working hard and being a crucial part to the success of the Same Day Premiere. And congratulations to Liz and Jason!


Music by Marie Hines, licensed through The Music Bed.