The Cupcake Girls [Not a Bakery]

Funny story: when shooting this video on location at Red Rock Canyon the weather decided to go bonkers on us. The truth is I wanted it to rain because it provided the look that I was going for. What we ended up getting, however, was a monsoon that trapped me and my crew in the desert for several hours. When I say crew I mean my pregnant wife who operated our Toyota made dolly, my friend Sean who acted as a human seatbelt keeping me and the camera from falling off the flatbed of said dolly, and of course our subject who we tried not to run over while filming her run across the desert in the rain. We're very sophisticated here at Forrey Films. Anyway, at Red Rock there is only one, very long, one-way road that loops around the park. Well, when it started to pour we had flash floods wash the road out both in front and behind us, leaving around a 1/2 mile stretch of road for us to be stranded on. We were stuck there for hours. My pregnant wife started looking at me like a meal - I think she was prepared to sacrifice me for the greater good! The silver lining?  The rain let up and we were able to finish our shoot while we waited for the tractor to clear the road. 

Now check out this video that we almost died filming, and help support a rad organization.

The Cupcake Girls exist to bring nonjudgmental support, consistent caring, community resources and peace, love & cupcakes to women in the adult entertainment industry. 

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Music was licensed through The Music Bed.