Vows on Chipotle Menus!

Happy Wednesday friends,

I thought we'd celebrate the mid-week hump with a sweet wedding story of my friends Freizel, and Brett. The wedding was at Freizel's parent's home in Fallbrook, CA which came with scenic views, delicious food, baseball jersey sign-in tables, and Chipotle Menus. Chipotle didn't cater, but these two love the restaurant so much that they wrote their vows on menus and read from them during the ceremony. I've never seen this before, but naturally I thought it was awesome. Brett is a Dodger fan, and Freizel is a Giants fan. Therefore the natural thing to do would be to have the guests sign both a Dodgers jersey, and a Giants Jersey in lieu of a traditional sign in table. Love it! Now let's watch the film, and then under comments tell us who your favorite of the 2 teams are. If we get at least 30 unique votes ( sorry Brett you can't just vote 30 times) by May 5th, I'll send Freizel and Brett a Chipotle gift card!!!

Music was licensed through The Music Bed

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