Want to Crash a Weddding?

Chad and Jessica want you at their wedding. Earlier this year we put together a film telling their story, and since then it has been gaining lots of exposure. The film tells their love story, but the idea they have for their wedding is what's crazy. They are inviting the general public to attend the wedding reception. I've never heard of anything like it - I could never do it. But you know what, they're taking a risk and trying something new, and I love that. Whether you like this idea or not, they are shaking things up.

This film also marks the beginning of a new tool in the Forrey Films arsenal. The MoVI by Freefly is a gimbal, camera stabilization device, that we started using this year and we can't say enough about it. It's an amazing tool.  In fact, this film was our first production with it, and Freefly used one of our shots in a promotional video that was shown at the 2015 NAB conference in Las Vegas. Chad and Jessica's story has also been featured on Thrillist Los Angeles and yesterday clips from the video were shown on an ABC News report. All pretty exciting stuff, and we can't wait to see what's in store for their wedding later this month. Find out more at http://riddersenwedding.com