The Wedding Film takes the entire wedding day and compresses it into an 8-9 minute film that immerses the audience in your story. We take all the best moments that speak to who you are, what you’re about, and what happened on your wedding day. The Wedding Film is a journey that presents the essence and emotion of your special day.

Julianne & Phil // Big Sur, CA

Crew: Matthew H. Forrey, Harrison Freeedman. Filmed in Big Sur, CA

Holly & Andy // San Luis Obispo, CA

Crew: Matthew Forrey, Mark Jacobs (2nd Camera), Michelle Brody (Assistant Editor) Music licensed through Music Bed "The Penance" by Adam Taylor "Clearer" by Aliza Carter Band "Walking Stick" by Painted Pianos

Amanda & Jeffrey // Temecula, CA

Crew: Matthew Forrey, and Sam Christopher Music licensed through Music Bed. "Feeling Kind of Free" by Aaron Krause, "Home Away from Home" by Canopy Climbers, and "22" by Lowercase Noises